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July 24, 2004 by People of the Sun
Someone asked, so here I go!!!

I'm not a violent, vengeful guy, except when it comes to sports. My love of the NY Knicks has left some bitter holes in my soul, for example. I hate Scottie Pippen. I still root against Phil Jackston. I can still get shaking when I think of the 1994 Knicks/Rockets Final when Pat f-ing Riley refused to take John "0-17" Starks out and put in Rolando "I Don't Miss Ever" Blackman in. I wish Bill Wennington the worst of luck, fortune, and a rash on his butt beca...
July 23, 2004 by People of the Sun
I'm a bit nervous about starting a blog. It seems a bit self-important, a bit exhibitionist to think that people would want to read my thoughts and ideas about economics, war and peace, community development, or whatever. Especially considering my "credentials" are about as impressive as Darko Millic's first season for the Pistons. But hey, you never know what might interest whom.

This is who I am. I am a 27 year European-American man, married with a baby on the way. My girl and I work ...
July 23, 2004 by People of the Sun
One of the best things about returning to the states from overseas (even if you're going back again) are the magazine racks at the airports. We could probably feed every family in our community for a week with the money we spend on everything from In Style to Sports Illustrated to the Economist. This year we went back for a wedding and I was able to pick up a copy of the Atlantic Magazine and was struck by an article about "The Dawn of the Daddy State." It went something like this:

1. 9-11...